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A passive ICS (Integrated Collector and Storage) solar water heater is a low-cost alternative to an active, open-loop solar water system. They are suitable for climates with less than 20 freezes a year.

passive solar hot water heaters are self-contained, single unit systems that integrate the solar collector and storage tank. In most applications, it functions as a pre-heater to an instantaneous or conventional water heater.

solar hot water heaters require only local water pressure and solar radiation to operate. No pumps, controls, mechanical or electrical components are required. Once installed, the system will work automatically. When hot water is used, solar pre-heated water is drawn into the conventional water heater, reducing electrical or gas usage for water heating. The is among the most efficient solar systems rated by national testing and certification agencies. All solar hot water systems meet or exceed all applicable national plumbing and building codes. Our systems are virtually maintenance free and feature a twenty-five year design life. Whether your purchase decisions depend on simple pay back, return on investment or life cycle analysis, solar hot water heating system can exceed your expectations.

How It Works

The all copper collector/storage tank absorbs solar radiation through its selective surface coating by raising the temperature of the water stored in the collector. It is well insulated with closed cell foam and double-glazed for increased heat retention.

The 4” diameter copper tubes are welded into a series flow pattern so that the top of the lower tube feeds the bottom of the next tube. This allows the collector to contain the colder replacement water in the lower tubes where it is heated by the sun as it flows from one tube to the next. Each time hot water is used, the innovative design eliminates the cooling down of the remaining heated water that normally occurs in other types of solar hot water heating systems.

Not only does this design ensure the delivery of the hottest water, but it also provides more hot water at a higher temperature and with a faster recovery time than solar systems of similar capacity.