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AE- Series Solar Collectors

Since its introduction in 1987 the AET AE-Series has set a new standard in solar thermal collector excellence. Available in a wide range of sizes and models the AE collectors offer excellent performance and structural integrity. AE-Series collectors have been successfully utilized in all facets of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

AE Collector brochure

Eagle Sun™ Solar Hot Water Systems
Residential & Commercial Applications

The EagleSun™ line of 80 & 120 gallon drainback solar water heating systems are designed for families with 3-5 members. EagleSun™ solar water heaters have fewer system components than any other active solar system available, making EagleSun™ more dependable and virtually maintenance free. A solar water heater by EagleSun™ will pay for itself several times over through energy savings.

EagleSun™ Solar Water Heaters Features

Fewer components for easy system installation.

Maintenance free drainback design for all climate conditions.

Works on sunny or cloudy days with electrical backup (included).

Attractive collector design.

Conforms to national plumbing, electrical, and solar standards.

The only household appliance that will pay for itself several times during its useful life.

Long life non-corroding reservoir.

10 year limited warranty available.

Exceeds Energy Star criteria, delivers maximum credit toward Energy Efficient Compliance.

very Eagle Sun™ Solar Hot Water Systems comes complete with the following:

-Solar Collectors
-Storage Tank with Heat Exchanger
-Water Reservoir

-Differential Termperature Controller
-Fluid Circulating Compnents

-Circulation Pump
-Installation Manual
-Mounting Hardware

Solar Hot Water Heater Manuals from AET

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